Registered Key Systems

Registered Key Kangaroo Point

Registered keys offer a higher level of security then your regular locks and keys. The main advantage to registered keys over normal keys is they can not be duplicated at a mister minit or hardware shop. The keys can only be cut after documentation and authorisation is given by the owner of the system. This ensures that the keys that are issued are the only keys in circulation.

Registered keys also give you protection from lock picking and lock bumping. They make your locks higher security due to the design of the keyway and scarcity of available key blanks. Making your locks higher security is often as easy as changing the barrels. It is not usually necessary to replace the whole lock although upgrading to better more secure locks in some cases is worthwhile.

Registered key systems can be used for apartments at Kangaroo Point. Knowing that tenants have not duplicated copies of keys without you knowing is always a good thing. If you hand out 3 keys and get 3 back at the end of a tenancy, then you know that there are no extra keys floating around.
Shop owners also benefit greatly from registered key systems. Giving a key to a staff member, you can eliminate the risk of the keys being duplicated. Regular keys can be duplicated by friends without the knowledge of the employee.

Registered keys can make a whole range of locks open on the one key, or in a master key system. Locks include deadlocks, entrance locks, commercial lock, padlocks, garage doors, Foyer doors and many more! Enquire now about having a more secure locking system for your premises!