Locks Changed

Locks changed Kangaroo Point Brisbane

If someone has the keys to your home, shop or office and you dont want them to have access then changing the locks is the best way to ensure that they can not enter you premises.

But what about the people who have keys that you do not know about?

When you move into a new apartment, house or office, there are already people with keys to your doors! You might think it is just the estate agent who has a copy of your keys but there can be a wide range of other people who have a key to your property! Cleaners, tradespeople, previous tenants, previous employees, other agents, previous owners, friends of previous tenants, etc. The fact is unless you have the locks changed there is no way to know who has the keys to your place.

Abus 80TI Titalium Padlock keyChanging the locks can be as simple as rekeying the cylinders to suit a new set of keys. This replaces the pins inside the lock and sets them to a completely new key, making the old keys obsolete and unable to work in the lock. Rekeying the lock cylinders is fast and does not require replacing the entire lock. It also make it possible to put all the locks in your home or office to the one key or even master keyed to allow access for specific people, such as cleaners and gardeners.

Locks can also be changed to suit a registered key or high security key. Upgrading the security when you have your locks changed is a smart choice and is the best time to upgrade as it will cost you less to have the job done properly in the first place.  High security keys are all cut to code or a specialised code key machine.   This eliminates bad key copies and makes every key cut to exact factory specifications.

If you require your locks changed or rekeyed give our Kangaroo Point locksmiths a call any time. We operate 24 hours for all your emergencies. You never know when you require your locks changed in a hurry so we are always available to help you change your locks.