Deadlocks and Replacement Locks

Lockwood 001 Deadlock for Kangaroo Point Locksmtihs

With the changing crime tactics in Brisbane it is essential to protect your home and business from the very real threats of home invasion and burglary.

The organised crime gangs in Brisbane have some very specific break and enter techniques that can be stopped with secure locks and vigilance. As locksmiths in Kangaroo Point we all too often get called to secure properties after break-ins. Having a secure deadlock on your exterior doors goes a long way to stopping a majority of simple entry techniques used by criminals.

Apartment Door LockApartment doors require specific deadlocks which meet the Australian Standards for the specific type of door in an apartment. We are licensed and accredited to work on fire doors in Brisbane. Handymen and non accredited locksmiths should never do work on a fire door as they are very special doors and require specialists to perform all work. Having a non accredited person work on your fire door can cost you more then you bargained for. A new door may have to be installed and the handyperson can be fined.

We stock a large range of replacement door locks for all Kangaroo Point apartments, houses and offices. We carry a range of fire rated door locks for apartments and heavy duty deadlocks and patio bolts for house doors and a range of mortice locks for commercial doors. All our locks are fitted by qualified locksmiths who can change the keys to suit your needs. It is often practical to have all the locks work on the same key. This reduces the number of keys you need to carry and makes your life much simpler.