24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

24 hour emergency locksmith service

A locksmith is often not on your speed dial list. It is often only in an emergency situation that you need to find a locksmith at Kangaroo Point. Now there is a locksmith who can help you in any emergency situation who is only a phone call away. We respond to all emergency calls with the utmost urgency. We prioritise all emergency locksmith jobs to the top of our schedule.

The most common emergency locksmith job we have at Kangaroo Point is to unlock a locked door. It is easy to get locked out of an apartment door or a house door. Apartment doors are designed to securely lock behind you at all times. Just walking outside to pick up the newspaper can cause a locked out situation. The door closer on your door should always close the door behind you! Houses too are common to get locked out from. Even office doors can easily have the keys locked inside. Our Kangaroo Point locksmith can easily pick the lock and unlock your door. Just give us a call 24 hours a day and we will have a mobile locksmith to your door and have you safely back inside in no time.

Another locksmith emergency we often get called to is to replace locks and keys after a break in. Burglars or thieves often break into apartments and houses and cause damage to the doors and locks. We can repair your doors and replace locks on houses, apartments and shops.
If the keys have been stolen, then we can also rekey locks to change the combination. Your old locks and keys will not work any more and you will have a new set of keys to unlock your doors. Even locks on screen doors, sliding doors and apartment fire doors can be changed to a new key combination. It is possible to have all the locks in your home operate on the one key.

Call us any time if you have an emergency and require a locksmith at Kangaroo Point or surrounding suburb such as Woolloongabba, South Brisbane, East Brisbane, etc.