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lock fitted to fire door Kangaroo Point lever handle deadlatch

Fire Door Lock Replacement

As locksmiths we find that every customer can have a different requirement. One such request that our Kangaroo Point locksmith gets is to replace a knob set lock with a lever handle lock. We had a job this week where an elderly lady could not grip the knob to open the door of her apartment. Her son called us seeking information on replacement of the knob set.

Actually they had gone to a hardware shop to buy a lock, but ran into problems when they tried to fit it. The door was on their apartment. It was a fire containment door. These doors might look like regular doors but they are very special and not made from wood, like they first appear to be.  There are very specific locks that can be fitted to Fire Doors.  Locks such as the Lockwood 001 Deadlatch can be fitted to specific doors but most locks need a fire rating and must have been tested under real conditions.

The lock they had bought had a 60mm backset and their door required a 127mm backset, so they had a big problem right from the start. They phoned me to ask if I could supply a 127mm latch for the lock they had bought. I asked them the brand of lock and what type of door it was being fitted to and quickly ascertained that the lock they bought could not be fitted to their apartment door. The lock they had bought had no 127mm latch available. Further to that, it was not fire rated to suit a fire door.

fire door constructionAnother problem the customer had was regarding fitting a lock to the door. The lock that was fitted their now was a Lockwood knob set. This lock was fitted by cutting 3 small holes in the door. Most other locks to suit fire doors require 1 large hole for the lock to be fitted. To fit a new lever handle lock to the door, a larger hole had to be cut in the door.

Fire doors on apartments are not made of wood. They are made of composite material which includes a steel plate which holds fire retardant material inside the door. To fit a new lock to the door with a large hole the customer would have had to drill through a thick steel plate which is not an easy task if you have never done it before.

Luckily the customer decided to use our Locksmith service in Kangaroo Point. He watched every step of the operation to fit the new lock to the door. At the end he remarked “I am very glad I had you out to fit this lock. I could never have done this myself”.

Our Kangaroo Point locksmiths are qualified to perform work on fire doors. There are laws and regulations regarding working on fire doors and only a qualified tradesman can perform this job. Using an unqualified locksmith or handyman can incur fines but most importantly they can compromise the integrity of your fire door. I recommend always using a qualified locksmith to perform any work on fire doors and replacement locks.